It’s no secret that exercise does your body, mind, and spirit a lot of good. People who exercise regularly are in better shape and typically lead longer, healthier lives. And when resistance training is added into the mix, the results can be amplified.

And while there is no question that exercise and lifting can help you lead a healthier all-around life, emerging research shows that the results of regular exercise are even more powerful than initially assumed. While those who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat in general, studies show that exercise does more than just support these commonly known benefits. For a total physical and mental makeup, exercise and lifting can be just the prescription the doctor ordered.

Read on to learn more about the exciting research on how exercise has more benefits that you might be aware of and how you can boost your performance while exercising and lifting.

Your Brain on Exercise

Getting your heart rate up through exercise is certainly good for your body. Who doesn’t love the rush you get from a great workout or that pumped up feeling you have after lifting? That feeling you get is in part due to increased blood flow through your veins. While a lot of people know that combined with a healthy diet, exercise can help reduce chances of clogged arteries and keep your blood freely flowing, recent research has shown that exercise is not only good for your cardiovascular system but also your brain function.

Increased blood flow throughout your body doesn’t just benefit your muscles, it also positively affects the brain. Improved blood flow to the brain has shown some evidence of reducing cognitive decline and reducing the risk of suffering from cognitive ailments such as Alzheimer’s and dementia for both men and women.

The Incredible Benefits of More Muscle

The more you work out, the bigger your blood vessels become, and the better your blood flow throughout your body. As your blood flow increases and fat gets shed from your body, you’ll begin to notice an increase in your muscle mass. And muscles do more than just give you a great looking physique—they actually play an important role in helping to fend off a number of diseases and enhancing your body’s immune response. So, how do they do it?

Muscles rely on glucose to help them function. As you take in glucose, your muscles metabolize it quickly and then flush it from your body, meaning that your body has less time to absorb harmful extra glucose that elevates your blood sugar, helping to fend off ailments such as diabetes.

Another benefit of increasing muscle mass is fighting against a decline in mitochondrial function. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to oxidation of and decreased function of mitochondria, leading to an array of age-related declines within the body.

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits muscles deliver to your body and overall health is the role they play in distributing myokines throughout the body. Myokines are molecules that are triggered by exercise and distributed throughout the body via muscle. These molecules play a role in regulating muscle growth, nutrient metabolism, inflammation, regulating hunger, enhancing the immune system’s response to cancer, and triggering new cellular growth in the brain.

Banish Inflammation and Abdominal Fat

With regular exercise and weightlifting, you can achieve a slimmer look but also reap a number of health benefits. Inflammation in the abdominal region via visceral fat can find its way into the blood. Once circulating throughout the body, this inflammation can result in a number of health concerns, including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Supercharge the Effects of Your Workout and Reap the Rewards

From reduced brain function to increasing your risk for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more, leading a sedentary lifestyle can have devastating effects on the body. Starting out by even adding a bit of movement and weight resistance into your life can help you fight against negative effects while reaping the benefits of a healthy, strong body and mind.

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