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The secret weapon of serious bodybuilders and dieters

Shown in clinical studies to help reduce body fat without changing lifestyle or eating habits.
Could help retain lean muscle mass.
Improves fat oxidation, which could help the body break down fat faster and easier.
Contains no stimulants

Thousands of people all over the world are turning to CLA 1000 to support their weight loss and bodybuilding routine.

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found mostly in grass-fed meat and dairy products.

Clinical studies conducted in highly respected universities have shown that CLA has incredible weight loss and muscle building results.

One group of overweight people lost 9% of their body fat as a result of taking CLA. Incredibly, these results were achieved without a change in diet or exercise habits.

Scientists believe that CLA works by helping the body break down and burn fat cells easier and faster. Studies have also shown that it can prevent fat from being stored by the body, stopping weight gain before it starts.

Naturally, these factors lead to a lower percentage of body fat, and higher lean muscle mass.

An average diet will give you 174mg of CLA at most – and that’s if you eat a lot of expensive grass fed meat and dairy products. This supplement packs a potent daily dose of 1000mg.

All of our supplements are non-GMO, gluten free and made in a GMP certified facility right here in the USA.

If you don’t feel positive changes after taking BELDT Labs Bedrock Series CLA 1000, we’ll be more than happy to give you every penny of your money back.