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The goodness of sunshine all year round

Helps to support optimum muscle function.
Essential for the development of strong, healthy bones.
Maintains a healthy immune system, including white blood cells that attack invading bacteria, viruses and toxins.
Plays an important role in regulating a stable and happy mood.

Whether you live on the sunny beaches or in the frozen north, it’s likely you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D.

The body needs sun exposure to create Vitamin D. Indoor work and constant use of sunscreen mean 41.6% of adults in the US are Vitamin D deficient. The symptoms can be subtle, but make no mistake: if you don’t have enough Vitamin D in your body, you aren’t performing at your best.

It has long been known that Vitamin D is essential to maintain bone health, immune system health and muscle function. New studies show that Vitamin D could even improve muscle strength, including power, velocity and jump height.

We’ve created this Vitamin D3 supplement to help you get the goodness of sunshine all year round, no matter where you live and how much time you spend outside. It contains the exact same form of Vitamin D that your body produces in the sun, precisely dosed for maximum effectiveness.

All of our supplements are non-GMO, gluten free and made in a GMP certified facility right here in the USA.

If you don’t feel positive changes after taking BELDT Labs Bedrock Series Vitamin D3, we’ll be more than happy to give you every penny of your money back.