When it comes to adding fatty acids into your diet to enhance weight loss and achieve the physique you dream of, not all oils are equal. Many athletes and bodybuilders have turned to MCTs, which are derived from coconut oil, as a supplementation option to help boost their MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) levels. MCTs are a popular choice because they are more easily digestible by the body than other long-chain fatty acids and boast a number of health benefits, including enhancing weight loss, boosting energy, breaking down lactic acid in muscles, and more.

While use of straight coconut is popular in many circles, research shows that MCTs are a better option than digesting straight coconut oil. Additionally, there are derivative oils that can be isolated from regular MCT, providing enhanced health benefits.

MCT oil in its natural form is composed of four medium-chain fatty acids: C6, C8, C10, and C12. Each of the fatty acids contains properties unique to that chain.

While coconut oil or regular MCT continue to be popular, the C8 chain of MCT is gaining traction as a supplementation choice. C8 is composed of 100% caprylic acid, meaning that you receive the same benefits of natural MCT, but supercharged thanks to the purity value of caprylic acid. Additionally, isolated C10, capric acid, is also gaining popularity as an option to help boost ketone production and fuel fat loss.

Learn a bit more about MCTs and why adding the right MCT supplement into your diet can help you shed pounds and reach ketonic nirvana.

Benefits of MCTs

Whether you are using MCT in its full form or more refined versions such as C8 or C10, you can expect many of the same benefits. Certain results may be enhanced depending on which type of MCT you add into your supplementation program. Benefits include:

• Increased weight loss
• Boosted energy
• Reduction in lactic acid and accelerated fat loss
• Management of a variety of diseases, including epilepsy and Alzheimer’s
• Improved immune function due to antimicrobial and antifungal properties
• Decreased factors for heart disease
• Regulated blood sugar levels

The Right Supplement for the Right Results

While MCTs boast a wide range of benefits, for those on a ketogenic diet, MCTs are an especially welcome addition to your supplementation regime. Evidence suggests that with blood sugar regulation and the high level of fat they supply, MCTs can help keep your body in the all-important state of ketosis so you burn the maximum amount of fat.

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