The human body runs on vitamins. Vitamins are so important to us; they have a part to play in pretty much every function our internal systems carry out.

It should come as no surprise then that keeping your vitamin levels topped up is an essential part of getting the results you need from your workouts. Vitamins can help your fitness on every level, including facilitating the processes that help you lose fat and grow muscle. We often forget about them when we talk about supplements, but packing all the necessary vitamins you can into your body with a handy multivitamin product like PRIZM Super Spectrum Multivitamin Complex, and pairing that with a fat-burner like SKALD is a potent cocktail that'll help you accomplish all of your fitness goals.

In this blog post, we're going to check out why multivitamins are so handy to have in your supplement collection and why they should always be a part of your fitness regime.

Nature's metabolic fuel

Your metabolism is the engine inside your body that transforms the food you eat into energy and shreds excess fat. When you're working to lose calories and maximize muscle growth, it's your metabolism that often does the lion's share of the work, working around the clock to keep your body processing everything that goes in to ensure things run smoothly.

Vitamins are an essential component of the metabolism, and deficiencies in vitamin levels can cause problems with how your metabolism can deal with fat levels in your body. A product like PRIZM, built on the nutritional and vitamin support of 42 fruits and vegetables, can ensure your metabolism has access to the vitamins that can keep it working at its maximum capacity. PRIZM features vitamin B, one of the crucial vitamins for metabolic integrity support, supplying your metabolism with everything it needs to thrive.

The immune system's booster

When you head to the gym for your day's workout, if your health isn't in the best shape, you're never going to be able to hit the highs you know you're capable of. Feeling under the weather and ill will leave you feeling low, lacking energy and unable to draw on the strength that you need. To protect yourself against illnesses like colds, flus and other performance-hampering issues, you'll need a strong immune system and to have a strong immune system – you guessed it – you'll want to be getting the vitamins you need.

The most important vitamin you can take for your immune system is vitamin C. You're probably aware that you can get this from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, but receiving that vitamin C dosage from supplement tablets is just as effective and far more convenient. PRIZM can give you your entire vitamin C dosage in just one tablet.

Antioxidant providers that work

Antioxidants are a beneficial ingredient too many foods that can assist your body in preventing the breakdown and degeneration of cells. They directly stand up against what scientists call free radicals, compounds that must be balanced by antioxidant levels to prevent them from damaging cells. Unchecked free radicals have been linked with various health problems, including cancer and heart disease.

You'll need to keep your antioxidant levels up to prevent free radicals from doing damage to the cells in your body. Vitamins can provide a shortcut to getting the antioxidant content you need and multivitamin tablets like PRIZM can mix the best vitamins (vitamins E and C) for antioxidants into one handy tablet. While this isn't necessarily a fitness benefit, the advantages of antioxidant proliferation from multivitamin tablets for your overall health is definitely worth a mention.

Multivitamin supplements are some of the most popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders for the simple reason that they're a natural solution for your body's fitness development.