Let’s talk about nitric oxide.

If you’re already thinking of the Fast and Furious movie, pumping NOS into growling engines on some LA side streets, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. We’re talking about nitric oxide supplements in the gym – and why nitric oxide is the jacked-up ingredient that can make all the difference in your workout routines.

The best part? Nitric oxide is proven to aid aerobic and cardiovascular exercise – making it a great partner to weight-burning supplements like the high-performance SKALD capsules. Pairing the two is the perfect complement to a weight-busting fitness plan that gets results.

We’ve run up the following list of reasons as to why you should include nitric oxide in your supplement regimen, and if you like what you see, take a look at our premium nitric oxide option: VASST’s premium Nitric Oxide load, proudly made in the USA.

1. Recovery that does more

Recovery is everything – as a gym-enthusiast you’ll already know that.

When you’re looking to make major gains and push your muscles to the limit, you’ll want to get as many nutrients coursing to your muscles as fast as you can after your workout. That means you’ll need to use the supplements that facilitate quicker, smoother and faster blood flow with as few obstacles as possible.

That’s exactly what nitric oxide supplements do. The supplements help the muscles in the body relax after the work they’ve put in, and because they’re less tight, more blood can flow through, allowing for much better recovery rates. Recovery is so important when it comes to weight training for the simple reason that jumping back into a routine before your muscles have recovered is counter-productive and can even cause extra injury. Including nitric oxide in the recovery process means your muscles will reconstruct better and faster, letting you get in more workouts at higher performance levels.

VASST’s Premium Nitric Oxide Load takes this one step further by adding Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate and Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate, both proven to accelerate muscle healing even more for those looking to take on the most challenging of sets

2. Next-level muscle pump

Everyone loves a muscle pump don’t they? It’s that raw, pounding feeling post-workout where every part of your body feels jacked and ready to go. It’s one of the things that keeps us all going – that craving for tight muscle that leaves us looking, and feeling, like we can take on the world.

You know what helps with leveling up that muscle pump? Yep, it’s nitric oxide. Similar to the last point, nitric oxide supplements increase blood flow through the body by smoothing out muscles and allowing the blood to channel better through our veins. Blood is what gives us that all important muscle pump, so the more blood we have getting to the muscles, the better our muscle pump will be. Besides that, you’ll get tighter and more dense muscles for longer so it’s a boost for everything involved.

All it takes is adding a nitric oxide supplement to your diet and you’re all set. If you want to get even more of a pump, VASST’s Premium Nitric Oxide Load is designed to give a denser muscle pump than other brands, thanks to its unique mix of supplemented amino acids that go further than our competitors.

3. Increased energy

Nitric oxide is naturally produced by the body and is an essential component of carrying more oxygen to your muscles, giving them that necessary boost that increases their ATP (adenosine triphosphate to give it its technical term). ATP is what gives us energy, keeps our muscles pumping for longer and making our workouts easier and stronger.

That extra injection of energy means that you’ll be able to work out for longer at a higher intensity, which in turn makes nitric oxide the perfect supplement for those aerobic or cardio-based exercises like skipping, running and biking. It also makes your shorter weight lifting sets count for more.

In short, it doesn’t matter what routine you’re aiming for or what exercise you’re doing, getting added nitric oxide in your system can keep you going at your best for longer.

4. Reduced fatigue levels

Your fatigue levels matter when you’re taking on a high-intensity workout – too many worn out muscles can mean the difference between hitting your goals and falling short.

The key to avoiding muscle fatigue is to keep getting as much oxygen to your muscles as you possibly can during your sets. A lack of oxygen means lactic acid build-up which wears muscles out and leaves you unable to hit the highs you know you can reach. More oxygen means better maintained muscles which ultimately means more reps for your higher intensity sets.

As we saw, nitric oxide naturally helps the body produce the oxygen it needs for those big, hard-hitting weight regimes. The supplement smooths muscles out, providing better blood flow which is exactly how your body transports oxygen to the places where it’s needed most.

For added muscle fatigue relief, VASST’s Premium Nitric Oxide Load goes beyond other nitric oxide supplements by adding Arginine Ketoisocaproate (A-KIC), an amino acid which can help with removal of ammonia during workouts; ammonia build-up is a key factor in muscle fatigue.

Sounds good right? If you think that nitric oxide is what’s been missing in your workout supplement diet, check out our nitric oxide supplement option and get yourself on the road to quicker muscle recovery and reduced fatigue in your gym routines.