Your mind matters.

Regardless of what exercise you’re doing, what fitness goals you have or how you want your body to look, if you don’t have the willpower or the mental drive to tackle the obstacles your workouts present, you’ll never get where you want to be.

That’s where mental supplements come in. We call them nootropics.

Nootropics offer cognitive support to your workout routines, giving you the motivation and pump to help you give your all with every set. Nootropics like our premium focus product VIVVID Magnum Mental Support can take care of the mental side of things, while other supplements like SKALD can help shed unwanted weight and boost your mood.

In this blog post, we’re going to run through some of the key benefits that nootropics have to offer, looking at how they can set you on the path to getting more out of your workouts.

1. Added focus

Focus is everything when it comes to fitness. If you head into your gym or your garage without the focus to take you through your workout, you’ll end up with lackluster performances and unachieved weight loss goals. Nootropics are a sure-fire way to set your mind straight before you count your first calorie or take your first step on the treadmill. VIVVID is a good example of this, designed to set your brain up to prioritize focus and clarity in your workouts.

2. Improved memory

Nootropics may be designed to improve your workout sessions, but beyond your fitness plans, nootropics have actually been proven to improve your long-term memory and cognitive retention. When you use supplements like VIVVID you’re adding to your workout – sure – but you’re also investing in your cognitive functions as well which can benefit your life beyond the doors of the gym and into your later life. In short, mental boosters like VIVVID are a no-brainer.

3. Better motivation

Understanding what motivation can do for you is the first step to evolving your cardiovascular fitness goals. Nootropics are linked with aiding the body’s release of dopamine into your system – dopamine is the reward hormone, an injection of good feeling that drives our motivation. We get it when we complete a tough run, beat a PB or step up our game in a professional sport. The more dopamine that your body releases, the stronger your motivation and the better your gains or weight-loss drive is. That added motivation is everything when it comes to working up the courage to get out of bed, hit the gym and give your all, every time.

4. Solid stress control

Stress can derail lots of things in your life and often, we’re accustomed to using the gym as an escape. But stress, no matter in what form it manifests itself in, can also throw off your gym game, draining your focus and your motivation. SKALD and VIVVID, taken together, have active ingredients that challenge stress, especially when it comes to workouts, leaving you with a clear head that makes for the perfect mindset to tackle the biggest exercises and the toughest routines.

5. Better long-term cognitive support

Including nootropics in a diet has been linked with improved long-term cognitive capacity, helping protect you from your brain’s decline against old age. Certain nootropics can act as barriers against the free radicals (potentially damaging compounds) that cause long-term cognitive decline – they do this by producing antioxidants which act against free radicals, keeping you sharp, focused and driven long into your senior years. In this sense, nootropics like VIVVID are a supplement for now and the future.

Think nootropics are the supplements you’ve been missing in your pursuit of your fitness goals? Discover VIVVID today and unlock the power of your mind for your fitness workouts.