You’ve been hitting the gym hard to get the body of your dreams, but are you doing all the right things to maximize your results? Or are you holding yourself back based on misconceptions you may have about specific training programs?

It’s human nature for us to be skeptical of things we haven’t tried or even listen to the feedback we’re getting from others in our lives. And it’s no different when it comes to working out. Maybe you want to build muscle, but you’re afraid that you’ll get too bulky. Or perhaps you’re overworking another area of your body to “spot treat” it.

Let’s take a look at some common training misconceptions so you can feel good about establishing a routine that works best for you that’s based on fact and science.

Lifting Too Much or Too Often Will Make Me Bulky

Building muscle is a long-term project. If you’re getting started lifting, it will take a while and some dedication before you start to see your body change dramatically. People will often avoid weights altogether or lifting heavier weights, claiming that they don’t want to bulk up–only get rid of fat and tone their bodies.

However, the best way to do these things is to add weightlifting into your program and progressively add more weight as you adapt. A regular weightlifting routine isn’t going to bulk you up overnight. But it will, when paired with a healthy diet, help you achieve a lean, toned, and healthy-looking physique with the added benefits of stronger bones and joints.

Sticking to Lighter Weights to Tone My Body

If you’ve spent any time around a gym, you may have heard that doing a higher number of reps with a lighter weight load is ideal for toning the muscles. Most people who rely on this methodology aren’t getting in the number of reps necessary to transform their bodies.

It’s essential to put in maximum effort and intensity to tone up and build muscle. This means that your last set’s last reps should be tough to complete if you want to see gains. Therefore, lighter weights might not be the solution to achieve your goal of a more toned body.

I Can Work One Area Harder to Reduce the Amount of Fat There

The most effective way to meet your weight loss goals is a healthy diet paired with exercise. Overdoing it with exercise by spot treating one particular area without putting in the effort to clean up your diet will typically fail. Working a specific area will help strengthen the muscle underneath, but it will do little to rid the fat covering that area.

Therefore, if you’re looking to treat a problem area, the best approach is a whole-body one that starts with the food you’re fueling your body with. By making healthier choices and working out with a mix of cardio and weight training, you can see whole-body changes you can be proud of.

Fuel Your Workout with Facts

By following medical experts’ and certified trainers’ recommendations instead of listening to misinformation, you can get one step closer to achieving the body you desire. With a sensible program that incorporates a healthy diet and a well-balanced resistant training routine, you can build muscle and tone your body without becoming too bulky and better rid your body of unwanted fat in problem areas.

Adding in high-quality supplements can also play a role in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. SKALD is an excellent option to help elevate your mood, boost your energy, and torch unwanted fat during your workouts. With additional support for muscle recovery, it can help you feel great post-workout and recover faster so you can hit the gym more confidently for your next session.

Additionally, CRUSCH Ultimate Tri-Phase Creatine can also help aid in muscle and strength formation while giving you greater endurance so you can get more out of your workouts. Both are great options to add to your workout regimen to help you more quickly meet your goals.