How this fat-torching supplement may be the answer to saying goodbye to unwanted, unhealthy body fat.

If you haven’t heard of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), consider yourself now acquainted. And if you’re familiar with CLA but haven’t added it to your supplementation program yet, learn more about why you should jump on the bandwagon for this proven fat-burning power player.

What is CLA?

CLA is a naturally occurring polyunsaturated fatty acid found in animal food products. CLA is comprised of 28 fatty acids that are essential to the body but cannot be produced by the body alone. We typically get CLAs from our diet, whether that is through supplementation or consuming animal products such as beef, lamb, butter, and dairy products.

CLAs have been gaining popularity in the health and fitness world as weight-loss friendly nutrients, and researchers have found links between CLAs and positive outcomes with combating cancer, obesity, and atherosclerosis.

How CLA works

In simplest terms, CLA is comprised of a number of single and double bonds that hold the acids together. Two main isomers within the molecule are especially noted for their physiological effects on the body, specifically in reducing body fat and enhancing feeding efficiency. In essence, these two isomers work individually to increase muscle mass and decrease fat.

Beyond its fat-busting capabilities, CLAs are required by the body to aid in metabolism of food and energy, keeping our bodies fueled and functioning at their optimal levels. And as more continues to be discovered about the fat-burning capabilities of CLAs, an increasing number of people are turning to them to aid in weight loss.

Benefits of CLA

  1. Reduced Body Fat: In both human and animal studies, researchers have found evidence that introducing more CLAs into the body can promote reduced body fat by slowing the synthesis and storage of fat cells, leading to decreased levels of body fat in animals and humans.
  2. Increased Metabolism: Some evidence also suggests that CLAs can improve metabolism and endurance in athletes due to the way CLA helps to metabolize lipids in the body.
  3. Muscle Growth: Due to the way that CLAs promote metabolism and alter body composition, researchers have also found that CLAs play an active role in increasing lean muscle and torching body fat.
  4. Lower Cholesterol and Glucose Levels: For those looking to reduce glucose levels, some evidence suggests that CLAs play an active role in glucose regulation, which is good news for diabetics or those looking to sugar cravings and body mass.
  5. Immune Support: A number of studies have demonstrated that CLAs play an important role in increasing the response of the immune system. Your body can recover more quickly and more readily fight off illness by adding more CLAs into your diet or supplementation plan.

Adding CLA to Your Diet

CLA is found in foods many of us consume on a daily basis, mainly animal products, including meat and dairy (non-skimmed) products. Meat from animals such as cows and lamb are an especially good source. But similar to other vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our body needs, sometimes it’s not possible to get all we need from food.

Complementing your diet with a quality supplement is a great option to meet your body’s needs. BELDT Labs Bedrock Series CLA 1000 is an excellent choice to get your required dose of CLA to help burn fat and build muscle. Whether you’re an elite athlete or bodybuilder looking to maximize your results or looking to drop a few pounds, this supplement is designed to boost your CLA levels without any added stimulants. For those who prefer to get their fatty acids from other sources besides meat, this supplement is also a great choice to ensure your body gets an adequate amount of CLAs.