The tracking info says my shipment was successfully delivered, however I have not received my package(s), can I get a refund?

In the rare event that a customer does not receive their shipment, even though the order’s tracking reflects a successful delivery, the carrier must first be contacted directly, as they will have the information necessary to help retrieve the missing package(s). Most times, the carrier has held the item at their local office to prevent possible theft, rather than leave the package(s) on doorsteps or other exposed areas. Information for contacting the carrier can be found on their website (which can be easily accessed by clicking the tracking link inside the shipping confirmation email sent to each customer once their order has been received by the carrier).

Once an order has left the warehouse, it is the ultimate responsibility of the carrier for the successful delivery of that order to the customer, considering accurate shipping information was submitted during the checkout process. Therefore, to help ensure successful delivery of all items, please double-check the accuracy of the shipping address before finalizing all orders. If an item is not successfully delivered due to an inaccuracy in the shipping address submitted by the customer during the checkout process, then any items lost in transit due to this discrepancy are not eligible for replacement and/or reimbursement.