Why do I need to cycle off of your supplements?

The purpose for cycling supplements is manifold, and applies to more than just our products:

First, the body builds a tolerance toward continued exposure to exogenous substances, which are basically any external influences, whether ingested (e.g., supplements, medicine, certain foods/spices/liquids, etc.), topically applied (e.g., sunscreen) or even environmental, such as sunshine. The longer the exposure, the greater the resistance, effectively diminishing impact.

Second, the body needs to be occasionally purged to avoid any possible buildup in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: this does not imply that an adverse reaction will occur. It is simply to avoid any possible accumulation in the system at all. Our cycling protocol of abstaining from dosage after no longer than 6 weeks of use is designed with everyone’s safety in mind, and with consideration of even the most sensitive user. Additionally, the recommendation of cycling off for at least 2 weeks is designed to allow ample time for the body to reset.