When will I see results?

As much as we would like to give a simple answer, we would not be able to determine each user's individual results, due to the number of factors involved, such as their own personal physiology, level of commitment to diet and fitness regimens, hereditary factors, and so on. We say this for the sake of all supplements, as they are designed to support efforts, rather than replace.

Above all else, BELDT Labs products are specially formulated and manufactured to meet the strictest quality, safety, and purity standards to attain premium potency and purpose of design. But because all users are different, as well as their personal responses to any given component, or combination of components, whether they be found in our products or elsewhere, it is advised to speak with a certified physician in person to assess whether this product is right for you and your needs. You may also wish to consult with fitness and nutrition professionals to help you get the most out of your efforts.