A quick look around the gym may show men and women working out very differently. Are these differences warranted?

When you’re gearing up to start a new workout program, you’ve likely asked yourself and others what type of training is best. You may get a wide range of answers, and some of them may be influenced by your gender and what people believe to be true about the links between health, fitness, and gender.

While there are some physiological differences between men and women, there isn’t one hard and fast rule that says men and women can’t train similarly.

Myth: Women Will Get Too Muscular by Lifting Weights

While you may see more men hitting the weight racks and machines at the gym, women can reap many benefits from strategic weight training. Some women shy away from weights due to the misconception that they will become too muscular by lifting. However, men naturally have more testosterone than women, which results in them building muscle more easily than women. So for women considering weight training, it’s a good move to help improve their overall strength, stability, muscle tone, and fat burn. Due to women’s slower rate of muscle build, becoming too bulky isn’t something that will come quickly.

Myth: Yoga is Only for Women

Let’s face it; yoga studios are predominantly inhabited by women. And this is an unfortunate truth because men can reap many incredible benefits from hitting the mat and relaxing into downward dog. Yoga improves the joints’ range of motion, which is something men struggle with. With this in mind, yoga can be a beneficial addition to your workout if you’re a guy who lifts regularly and lifts heavy. You’ll enjoy many benefits of improved range of motion that you can’t otherwise get with lifting alone. And when you’re ready for a rest day, yoga is the perfect addition to your workout routine, giving you an active recovery day while still gently working your muscles and joints.

Truth: The Best Approach for Both Men and Women is a Mix of Methods and Exercises

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or tone up, there isn’t one specific set of exercises exclusive to your gender to get the results you’re looking for. Optimal results lie somewhere in the middle and will come from a tailored to your specific needs.

Both men and women can benefit from many of the same exercises. From intense weight work to sweat-laden cardio sessions to a focused yoga flow, both genders can reap many benefits from all types of exercise.

With this in mind, to maximize your results and balance out your body, it’s a good idea to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your regimen, no matter your gender.

Improved Results Through Supplementation

Similar to the myth of gender-specific workouts, most dietary supplements are safe and beneficial to use for both men and women. Whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, a high-quality supplement can help you achieve the results you crave.

For men and women looking to lose weight, SKALD Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher is an excellent addition to your daily routine. This powerhouse supplement improves energy and focus during workouts while offering appetite suppression and mood-elevating qualities. SKALD also promotes improved respiratory function, setting it apart from other products on the market. This equates to more oxygen into your body, which improves aerobic metabolism, and ramps up fat burn.

If you’re looking to hit the weights and build more muscle mass, GUSST Pre-Workout Amplifier is a must-have addition to your supplementation program. GUSST promotes workout intensity, focus, and endurance so you can maximize every second of your routine. This energy and focus allows you to work out longer and harder and see bigger gains from your hard work.

For those looking to both lose weight and build muscle, we recommend alternating your monthly supplement schedule with SKALD and GUSST, as they should not be taken together. Plan on adding SKALD to your routine during Month 1 of your regimen and then switch to GUSST during the second month. Continue alternating to achieve your desired results.

The bottom line is, both men and women can benefit from the same exercises, equipment, and even some of the same supplements. Don’t be afraid of specific movements or types of exercises. Learn how each piece of machinery and each form of exercise might benefit you and improve your overall production and success in the gym.