Over the past year, people have had to get creative with their workouts. While in some locations, gyms closed as a health precaution due to the COVID pandemic and may even still be closed, those wanting to stick to a regular workout schedule may have tried new methods to get their sweat on.

One great addition to your home workout routine, or even your in-gym training, is resistance bands. Whether you're traveling, relying on at-home workouts, coming back from an injury, or simply wanting to add variety to your training program, resistance bands offer a simple and effective solution to mix it up while still giving your muscles a great workout.

If you’re not on the resistance band bandwagon, here are the top eight reasons you need to get on it now.

1. Enjoy a Variety of Resistance Levels

Resistance bands come in a variety of resistance levels to meet your needs. Shorter, thicker bands can help you strengthen your bigger muscle groups, while thinner bands can be a great way to work your smaller muscle groups. Another bonus? They take up much less room than having a rack of weights around.

2. Save Money

Increasing the amount of equipment you have at your disposal at home can lighten your wallet. But the good news is, resistance bands deliver one of the most cost-effective ways to add weight training into your workout without breaking the bank.

3. Maximize Your Warmup

Warming up the muscle groups you will be working with is key to maximizing your workout while minimizing your risk of injury. Resistance bands offer a great option to help you warm up your muscles by mimicking the same movements you intend to use during your training, only with lighter weights.

4. Protect Your Joints

Whether you have limited joint mobility or are looking to protect the mobility you have, resistance bands provide a great workout without added strain on your joints. Free weights keep your joints under stress during the entire movement, while resistance bands offer a bit of relief as the tension lets out in them when you release the move.

5. Activate Your Stabilizing Muscles

Resistance band training requires control. Learning how much tension to release on down movements takes practice and involves muscle stability. You can get a great core workout in nearly any resistance band program by merely learning how to stabilize your body as you extend and contract your movements.

6. Improve Your Form

How many times have you relied on momentum to get your last few reps in with free weights? Because of the construction of resistance bands, they require continual tension throughout the movement. Instead of relying on swinging motions and momentum, resistance bands require you to focus on maintaining good form, so you really work the muscles you’re focusing on.

7. Deliver an Added Kick of Resistance to Common Exercises

Resistance bands can be paired with other exercises to help add a bit of resistance on top of what's already there. For instance, by wrapping one end of the band around your body and the other on your arms as you do pull ups, you can increase your resistance and output to build strength quicker. Similarly, resistance bands can be integrated into many machine-based workouts you use to add resistance to movements.

8. Bands Can Go with You

Unlike a lot of other equipment you may have in your gym, bands can go on the road with you. They are lightweight and easy to pop into a suitcase or overnight bag, so you never have to miss a workout no matter where life takes you.

Resistance bands offer a no-excuse way to get in a great workout at an affordable price. Whether you're using bands as your primary source of resistance training or another tool in your fitness arsenal that supplements your existing routine, resistance bands offer a great way to ramp up your workout at an affordable price.

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