When we talk about collagen, many people are aware of the roles that collagen plays in physical appearance. Collagen helps to keep skin looking and feeling firm and smooth, aiding in nail strength, and keeping hair healthy. But collagen also plays an important role in keeping your joints functioning at peak performance, your bones strong, and your tendons and ligaments in top shape.

The fact is, as we age, we all lose collagen. And because of this loss, your appearance and your ability to move about easily during everyday tasks or in the gym can suffer. With collagen playing such a crucial role in our physical appearances and our body’s movement, it’s important to add more collagen when you can. So, how can you replace lost collagen?

Read on to learn more about collagen and how you can add collagen to replace what you naturally lose as you age.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in your body. In fact, of all the proteins you have in your body, collagen is the most abundant type, coming in at 30% of all the protein in your body.

Due to its abundance, collagen is found in many organs in your body and aids in many functions. Your skin is your body’s organ most reliant on collagen, as it comprises 70% of the proteins found in your skin. In addition to being a critical protein to keep your skin looking and feeling great, collagen is also vital to optimal health of your joints, bones, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments, nails, hair, and more.
Collagen plays an important role in holding your body together and protecting it, too. It plays an important role in the protein-rich shield that protects many of your body’s organs from harm.

In short, collagen is not only the answer to keeping a healthy and youthful appearance but also in protecting your body and ensuring that it functions and moves in an optimal way.

Collagen’s Connection to Youth

When we’re young, we have a great deal of collagen in our bodies. This is why younger people have firm, glowing skin and healthy hair and nails. But the unfortunate fact is that as we age, we lose collagen. Recent research shows we lose anywhere from 11-13% with each decade we age after 20. That’s a lot of collagen loss!

But the good news is, this loss is partially related to lifestyle choices, so you can help combat some of your collagen loss by making different choices. For instance, highly processed foods can result in collagen breakdown, as can prolonged sun exposure, smoking, stress, changes in sleep habits, and digestion and hormonal changes.

By making some lifestyle changes, you can naturally help to slow the breakdown of collagen in your system. But for the collagen you’ve already lost, is there a way to get it back and replenish your collagen supply?

Boosting Your Collagen

If you’ve taken steps to avoid collagen breakdown from lifestyle choices, congratulations! You’re part of the way there in increasing your collagen levels. If you’re looking to build up your collagen levels, it’s important to first slow the processes that break it down.
Now it’s time to give your body the collagen boost it deserves.

The next step is to introduce more collagen into your body by consuming more proteins, along with Vitamin C, as it plays a role in collagen production.But not all proteins are equal, so it’s important to focus on the right type of proteins.

To help improve collagen production, foods rich in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, are a good place to start as you load your body with collagen. From there, proteins that boost your collagen include the connective tissues of the animals we eat, which can include hooves, skin, scales, bones, and feet. And while eating these parts of animals may not be common in your diet, one way you can get many of the same benefits is consuming bone broth. However, many people find making it a timely process and expensive to buy pre-made.

So, what other solutions are there?

Adding a premium collagen supplement to your diet is the easiest and most sensible way to boost your collagen levels. And when you’re choosing a collagen supplement, it’s important to choose an option that is rich in multiple types of collagen.

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And unlike many collagen powders on the market, Collagen Peptides comes in a capsule format, making it easy to take without any adverse taste.

If you’re looking to reclaim your fountain of youth, buy Collagen Peptides today and enjoy all the benefits of a boost to your collagen.