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Supplement your way to ketogenic bliss

If you’re ready to kick off the new year by getting the lean physique you’ve dreamed of, check out our Keto Stack to help you burn weight, maximize energy, and elevate your mood.

Bodybuilders and elite athletes have known it for years: Stacking your supplements in the right way can accelerate weight loss, build lean muscle, and aid in faster recovery.


KEEN contains medium chain triglyceride oils—a necessary ingredient to successful weight loss while in ketosis. While in ketosis, your body metabolizes fat into fuel. MCTs function in a similar way, so by adding them to your diet, you can supercharge your results while giving your body a natural energy boost and fending off sugar cravings. And for those who aren’t adhering to a strict keto diet, KEEN works as a catalyst for ketosis, accelerating fat burn.


SKALD is a natural weight loss pill that forces your body to start burning stored fat – safely, legally and fast. Take a deep breath and kickstart your journey to better health with improved respiratory function, astounding energy, quicker fat loss, and an elevated mood. SKALD’s unique blend of herbs and nutrients boost your already supercharged metabolism while in ketosis, amplifying your results.


If you’re on a keto diet, you know that sugar and carbs can throw you out of ketosis and set you back on your progress. REBAAR is your secret weapon to eliminate sugar cravings and hunger between meals. With a unique blend of amino acids that support muscle production, you can maximize your workouts while regulating your blood sugar levels. REBAAR’s blend of leucine, isoleucine, valine also help build and support muscle, aid in recovery, and improve overall strength.


Bodybuilders and dieters alike rely on CLA to help reduce body fat. CLAs such as BELDT Lab’s CLA-1000 help with fat oxidation, which helps fat break down easier while also retaining lean muscle mass.



All of BELDT’s supplements are crafted with the highest quality vitamins, nutrients, herbs, and oils to maximize your results safely. Whether you’re looking to maintain ketogenic balance, reap some of the benefits from a keto diet, or begin your keto diet journey on a high note, our Keto Stack is designed to help you find the success you deserve.

That’s why we’re offering you the chance to try it completely risk free. We want you to experience the power of The Keto Stack without putting a penny of your money on the line.

Try The Keto Stack today. We’ll ship it straight to your door. Take it every day for a few weeks and keep a close eye on how you feel.

And if you want your money back? We’ll give it to you. Money back guarantees don’t get any simpler than that.