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  • DOSING AND CYCLING PROTOCOL: Please be sure to follow directions listed on each product label to ensure proper dosage. It is also recommended to completely cycle off all other similar supplements at least three days before using our products. This is to ensure the effects of our products can be fully isolated and not influenced by other ingredients and/or tolerance buildup from other sources. Each of our products is specially formulated for optimal efficacy, and we want to be sure that you get the absolute best results from their use. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!
  • FOR FITNESS, AEROBIC METABOLISM IS THE KEY TO OPTIMAL FAT LOSS. Did you know that our top-selling product, SKALD, is the world’s first fat-loss product to offer respiratory support? It’s true. And while the reason for this is simple, it also happens to be very powerful (and overlooked by other brands, unfortunately): fat must have plenty of oxygen to be metabolized (in fact, the term “aerobic” means “requiring oxygen”). This is one of the main reasons why so many top athletes incorporate a solid cardio regimen into their fitness plan. And it’s also where the power of SKALD comes in: respiratory support means greater airflow. Greater airflow leads to elevated blood oxygen levels. And elevated blood oxygen helps improve fat loss.
  • FOR DIET, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MACRONUTRIENTS. A word that’s really a lot simpler than it looks, macronutrients is really a fancy term for protein, fat and carbohydrates. These are the three largest nutrients you consume (“macro” translates to “large”). And if you focus only on getting the correct types of macronutrients (in their natural “whole” forms), and in the correct amounts, you will cut out most of your dietary efforts, whether your aim is fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance. To get a full understanding, check out the “3 Keys To Dialing In Your Macronutrient Ratios“.
  • FAT LOSS IS NOT ALWAYS RELATED TO “WEIGHT LOSS”. Quite possibly the leading cause of frustration. The problem is most marketing will have you believe that staring at a scale is the best way to mark progress. This is not only misleading, but it can even set you back, because body weight is made up of more than just fat. In fact, you could very well be losing a lot of fat but gaining water weight and/or muscle at the same time. A better way to gauge fat loss is by using fat calipers and taking weekly progress photos. A certified fitness professional can further help you with this.
  • STAY HYDRATED. So simple, yet so important. Dehydration happens to be one of the leading causes of both fatigue and perceived hunger pangs (pangs are simply a response by the stomach when the body needs food, water, or both). And it doesn’t take much to become officially dehydrated. As a general rule, as recommended by The Institute of Medicine, adequate intake (AI) of fluids for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total water per day. For men, it’s roughly 13 cups (3 liters) per day. These numbers need to be adjusted upward the more you expel fluids through sweat and urine, or if you happen to be using a cell-volumizing supplement, such as creatine or a vasodilator.
  • FOODS TO AVOID AT ALL COST. In our previous email, we offered some tips on what you should eat. Now for what not to eat: overly processed and refined foods. We say “overly” processed for a reason, since the term “processed” by itself generally means that the food has been removed from its original state for the purpose of consumption. Even an apple is considered “processed” once it is picked from a tree. However, when more and more ingredients are added, such as sweeteners (e.g., high-fructose corn syrup), sodium, and preservatives, the item then becomes overly processed and further removed from its original “whole” state. The problem here is that added sweeteners elevate a food’s glycemic index, which rapidly raises blood sugar, causing insulin spikes. Over time, this can lead to excess fat storage, insulin resistance, and even debilitating disease. On top of this, excess sodium, typically added for flavor, can promote water retention and high blood pressure. And these complications are only aggravated if the food is refined, which strips it of inherent, vital nutrients, such as fiber (think white rice versus whole grain rice), which speeds up digestion and further encourage blood-sugar spikes. The simplest way to avoid these dangers is to only shop for unrefined, single-ingredient foods at the grocery store’s perimeter, and avoid the middle aisles.
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