Eating your meals at certain times can help you lose weight, optimize energy, and more

Maybe you've heard advice out there that says you shouldn't eat too late in the evening. Or that you should never skip breakfast. Or that you should eat on a regular schedule every day. But does science actually support these claims?

For those looking to lose weight, build muscle, or boost athletic performance, planning out your meals and eating them on a regular schedule may have numerous benefits to help you achieve your goals.

Continue reading to learn more about nutrient partitioning—or meal timing—to discover if this strategy is right for you.

Exercise Results and Meal Timing

Have you ever been at the gym and seen a fellow gym-goer drink a protein shake immediately after working out? That’s because science shows that a post-workout protein boost aids in muscle development right after exercising.

By timing your nutrient intake at the end of your workout, you are engaging in nutrient partitioning, which can influence how your body uses the nutrients you consume.

Consuming carbohydrates or protein-rich foods and snacks right before or right after a workout is a common way athletes help boost their results through nutrient partitioning. A post-workout protein shake, for instance, can help with insulin regulation, which can have noticeable benefits on your muscle development and weight loss.

So next time you plan on hitting the weights, the treadmill, or engage in any other type of physical activity, go ahead grab that pre- and post-workout protein shake and enjoy the results.

Meal Timing for Weight Loss

Science also shows that when it comes to weight loss, meal timing can be everything. Some popular strategies people use to lose weight are intermittent fasting or eating their meals earlier in the day. But do they work? And how?

A recent study of 2 groups of overweight adult men and women showed the group eating the same number of calories lost more weight simply by eating earlier in the day. Researchers concluded that calorie and nutrient loading earlier in the day supported better regulation of hunger hormones, which helped to control appetites, and increased the body’s fat-burning capabilities. Thus, researchers concluded that it may be more important when you eat than what you eat when it comes to weight loss.[1]

And if you’re struggling with weight loss, having a regimented eating schedule is very beneficial in helping to stay on track to reach your goals. Sitting down at the beginning of each week to determine the timing of your meals and snacks can help remove the stress of trying to figure it out as you go along. By planning out what you will eat when you can remove at least one stressor from your life and be sure that you'll stay on track even when other situations crop up during the day. Our goal weight calculator is a great tool to know exactly how many calories are required per day to reach your target weight, as well as what to eat, and when. A proper diet, especially when coupled with a powerful fat burner like SKALD can help you lose weight and keep it off.

By front-loading your calories and concluding your eating earlier in the day, as well as planning out your eating schedule and what you'll eat ahead of time, you can maximize your success when it comes to weight loss.

Supporting Your Meal Schedule with Supplementation

While meal timing and nutrient partitioning may deliver some benefits for boosting muscle gains, athletic performance, and weight loss, it's always important to remember to still eat a well-balanced meal to help support a healthy mind and body. You can't outwork an unbalanced diet in the gym, but timing your meals accordingly can help you achieve your goals.

Another way to help enhance your body’s performance and fat-burning capabilities is to introduce a high-quality supplementation program into your daily routine. SKALD Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher® is a uniquely formulated fat-burning supplement that can help curb appetite, melt fat while also supporting respiratory function, so you get the most out of your workouts. By using SKALD as recommended, you can boost your energy, supercharge your metabolism, and achieve the lean, sculpted physique you deserve.

By adding in SKALD, timing your meals accordingly, and fueling your body with a well-rounded diet, you can enjoy bigger gains in the gym or see the numbers on the scale drop.

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