Drop the complicated plans and just see results with these simple tips.

We get it, for some of us, family and work commitments come before calculating and counting calories. We also know being calorie deficient for sustained periods of time is no easy task and can be a very stressful ordeal.

You might look at someone and think to yourself that copying exactly what they eat would make you have a similar physique, but that’s simply not true. Not only are there factors at play such as hormone levels and metabolic rate, we simply all just have varying caloric requirements. There’s daily activity energy requirements, age, height and other metabolic factors that come into play. Yet, for a lot of us, the biggest challenge is to think differently about food.

Eat Out Less

When we think about losing weight, it’s overwhelming, that’s why breaking down lifestyle changes into smaller chunks makes it easier to tackle. Changes such as avoiding one fast food meal is a small win, and overtime, all these little wins add up.

When you take into consideration all the hidden oil, fat and salt that many restaurants put into their meals, you cut an enormous number of calories by simply cooking a meal at home, where there is greater consciousness of what is going into each dish.

Limit Emotional Eating

Bad days happen to all of us, and there will be occasions when we reach for the fridge without the level of self-control that we’d like. It is important to understand that this is normal, so go ahead and cheat, you probably deserve it, but don’t let a cheat meal become a cheat day, or completely derail your newly found nutritional habits.

The secret is not letting these types of days quickly lead to poor diet decisions over a longer period of time. Invest into breaking the cycle and understanding your triggers, continually ask yourself how you can limit the impact. If you can feel positive about your state of mind, then your body will follow.

Supplementing with 5-HTP helps your body disperse serotonin, reducing feelings like sadness, anger, worry or fear. Since these emotions are often the driving factor behind bad-eating habits and overconsumption, when 5-HTP reduces those feelings, it also reduces what we regard as our mental appetite. Try supplementing your diet with BELDT Labs Bedrock Series 5-HTP PLUS to help reduce emotional eating.

Exercise To Burn Excess Calories

You’ve probably heard it before, “you can’t exercise through a bad diet”, and yes, that’s still 100% true. However, you can mitigate at least some of the damage done by overeating by burning some of those calories. When you exercise, you burn off some of the excess calories that you may have picked up during the day.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Damn, I ate a ton of food all day, but at least I did a 10-minute workout, or a 15-minute walk around the block, and I’ve done something for myself.” Not only is it effective in countering the excess calories, it’s great mental reframing, especially if overeating has you really demotivated about reaching your weight loss goals.

Don’t Cut Calories Too Much, Too Soon

When you start to make better decisions about your caloric intake, and seek to understand the emotions that lead to binge eating, while reducing eating out and fast food, you also need to make sure that the path you are on is sustainable.

Trying to cut too many calories, or make too many changes too fast can shock your mind and body. Especially if you are someone who is overweight and loves food! Be kind to yourself and strive to find a balance of reducing bad habits and finding healthy alternatives, slowly, over time. Don’t put yourself into a position of ‘all or nothing,’ because for you it might be a gradual process of losing a little bit of weight, and gaining a little bit of strength, week over week, as opposed to doing a six-week crash diet that you see in tabloid magazines.

So, by incorporating healthy alternatives such as replacing candy with fruit, keeping your emotions in good check, monitoring your portion sizes, and eating out less, you’ve cut your calories significantly, without a single calculation, and in a sustainable way. It may sound simple, but it all adds up.

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