What is Your Goal?

Everyone’s fitness journey is different… at BELDT Labs our mission is to help you reach you health & fitness goals plus maximize your performance & recovery through formulating the lighest quality & scientifically proven products in industry.

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The BELDT Labs Promise

More than just another line of generic “bodybuilding supplements,” Beldt Labs is proud to be the very first performance nutrition brand to deliver SKALD, a premium-quality fat-scorching thermogeneic suplement with respiratory support.

The results? Unparalleled endurance, Unbeatable fat loss, Unimaginable results.

Whether you need to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, enhance strength, boost energy, improve endurance-whateve it taks to geripped and ready to take on the best- we’re here to deliver what you need. You can alwasy expect premium-grade supplements, manufactured under the strictest protocol to ensure nothing less then the highest level of purity and potency, By choosing BELDT Labs, you’re taken one more step in defining your elite standards.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Lauren P. 02/24/2024

It really works!!

I’ve tried a lot of dieting methods but Skald is the only one that immediately started to burn off menopause weight gain. I’m already down 2 pants :jeans: sizes and headed for my old size 2’s. I was up to a size 8. Thanks Skald you are a life changer.

Bonnie S. 01/27/2024

Works Well!

This is a great product to help with weight loss. I take one every morning to keep my appetite in check. It's an easy way to assist the difficult process of losing weight.

Michelle G. 01/03/2024

Works great worth the price!

Immediately felt a huge decrease in my appetite and actually feel like I’m not even hungry anymore. I only take 1 first thing in the morning and I’ve had no side effects and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Definitely recommend Skald.

Anurag S. 11/15/2023

The best fat burner

SKALD works better than everything I've tried. I get amazing energy without any jitters or anxiety. It's also great at suppressing my appetite, definitely feel full eating a lot less food!

Carter T. 01/23/2024


Used this several months ago and it seemed to give me the energy to push through the harder workouts. I lost approximately 40 lbs in about 9 months. This is why I'm getting back on Sklad

Anna D 01/23/2024

Love your products

Love this particular product. I was looking for something that would give me some energy And help me bring down my extra weight (Menopause) SKALD has delivered beyond my expectations ! I’m a Customer for life !

Tracy M. 12/06/2023

Great Product

I have been using this product off and on for a little over the year. When i reach a plateau I am able to use this product to achieve results. I have dropped body fat significantly, losing 40 pounds in the past year. I highly recommend Skald

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