The links between Vitamin D and immune function are well known. With this in mind, can Vitamin D help fight the coronavirus?

As countries worldwide begin to roll out the COVID vaccine and hopes for a return to normalcy soon are high, experts warn that we must still take precautions to safeguard ourselves from the virus.

Throughout the pandemic, some health experts have shared more about the vital role that vitamins and nutrients can play in boosting your immune health. With this enhanced immunity, you can potentially enjoy added protection against catching the virus or experiencing the worst of its symptoms if you do contract it.

Vitamin D has been the most widely cited vitamin showing positive effects in fending off the coronavirus. This super vitamin has long been touted as playing an essential role in healthy immune systems. People who have severe Vitamin D deficiencies experience higher instances of various diseases and disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and respiratory infections. With this evidence in hand, it makes sense that people with lower Vitamin D levels may be more susceptible to contracting COVID or suffering more pronounced negative from the virus.

And beyond these concerns, Vitamin D also plays a role in mood regulation. Those suffering from low Vitamin D levels might also experience more anxious or depressed feelings, which have been amplified by the fears, isolation, and uncertainties that the pandemic is responsible for.

And while many people are aware of the many benefits of Vitamin D, it's one of the most common vitamins people are deficient in. People in darker, colder climates, especially, can suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies due to decreased sun exposure. It's also not uncommon for people to suffer from the “blahs” in the winter when they're not out in the sun frequently.

While you can increase your Vitamin D intake by getting more sun and eating foods rich in the vitamin, many people opt for a quality Vitamin D supplement. Pairing your supplement with other complementary vitamins and nutrients can also further boost your mood and immunity against COVID and other diseases while also improving the absorption and efficacy of Vitamin D.

To experience ultimate immunity support, continue reading to learn about the benefits of our Immunity Stack. When taken in conjunction with each other, these vitamins and nutrients will help you look and feel your best while proactively protecting you from a wide range of ailments.


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PRIZM also contains a whopping dose of 250% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin D. We've already addressed several of Vitamin D's benefits, but in looking specifically at cases of the coronavirus, recent research shows that regions with the highest death rates are also those with the highest instances of Vitamin D deficiency.

To boost your immunity and fend against COVID and other infections, we recommend PRIZM as the foundational supplement in your Immunity Stack. In addition to giving your immune system a much-needed boost, the Vitamin D contained in the supplement promotes healthy bones and optimal muscle function while lifting your mood.


When people think of healthy nails and hair, collagen immediately comes to mind. And while collagen plays a vital role in boosting hair and nail beauty, it has a host of other benefits some people aren't aware of. Collagen is critical to healthy bones and joints and keeps skin looking young and plump. Collagen is also a secret weapon in improving recovery times and overall strength, energy, and vitality.

Getting enough collagen in your diet from food alone can be difficult. That's why many people turn to collagen supplements to boost their collagen levels. BELDT’s Collagen Peptides is a great option to reap all of the benefits of increased collagen in the body, helping your body function at its peak while keeping you looking your best.


Adding a probiotic to your supplementation stack can improve your digestive health and boost your immunity. As the body becomes more efficient at digesting foods, the results are notable, including improved energy and performance, an overall sense of well-being, increased weight loss, and a higher functioning immune system. Adding BELDT’s Bedrock Series Probiotic into your supplementation plan is an easy way to enjoy all the benefits of a balanced gut and improve your overall physical and mental function.

While boosting your immune system through diet, exercise, and supplementation doesn't guarantee that you won't get COVID or other viruses or diseases, you can help protect yourself by keeping your immune system functioning at its peak. Using the Immunity Stack guidance above, we help you take the guesswork out of which supplements work well together to maximize their effectiveness while fueling your body with the vitamins and minerals necessary to thrive.