When the average person is asked about their personal fitness goals, practically everyone will mention chiseled abs and a slim physique. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is riddled with misinformation that can make this process difficult or completely impossible. For those that are wondering how to get abs as quickly as possible, here is a look at three proven steps for creating and maintaining a well-defined midsection.

Dial In Your Diet To Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

Anyone that would like to improve the appearance of their abs will most likely think about hours of monotonous core exercises. While exercising will be an important part of this process, it is actually your diet that is going to have the biggest impact on your physique. No matter how strong your core might be, even a small layer of fat over your abdominal muscles will hide all of the progress you have made. Stomach fat is notoriously difficult to lose, and this is why you should begin with a look at the best diet for abs.

Those that would like to lose fat around the midsection will need to put themselves at a caloric deficit for a period of time. On average, men will begin to show abdominal muscles at around 10 percent body fat while women will show these muscles at around 15 or 20 percent body fat. In order to achieve this, you must first reduce your diet by 500 calories a day and eat as clean as possible. This means little or no processed foods and meals full of fresh produce and lean protein sources.

Add Compound Exercises

There's a common misconception that you have to focus only on cardio, when core exercises are another critical component for bringing abs to life. Studies now show that compound exercises with heavy weights are the best way to boost your metabolism, increase your testosterone production, and stabilize your cores. Everyone's workout routine should contain the “big 3” exercises including deadlifts, squats, and bench press. These three exercises alone work almost every major muscle group and burn an incredible amount of calories. Your focus should always be on form and not how much weight you are lifting.

Actual ab and core exercises should be limited to once or twice a week as overworking this area of the body will slow your progress. Some of the best exercises that target the abs include hanging leg raises, butterfly kicks, front planks, side planks, and wood choppers.

Introduce Thermogenic Supplements to Your Diet

If you currently have a clean diet and some basic supplements such as protein powder and multivitamins, then it is time to take a look at thermogenic products. Also referred to as fat burners, these products are designed to promote lipolysis (the process of turning body fat into usable energy) and thermogenesis (production of body heat). Much like compound exercises, the goal of thermogenic supplements is to boost the metabolism as quickly as possible, burn fat, and lower one's body fat percentage. For those that are in the “cutting” stage of their exercise program, these products will also help you maintain your energy when you go into a caloric deficit. This will reduce lethargy and other side effects that many feel when they first begin counting calories.

Discovering how to get ripped abs is no longer a guessing game. You must begin with a complete overhaul of your diet and consider your options for thermogenic supplements to get your body fat to the right levels. You can then take a look at the best abs workout programs that focus on core strength and muscle development.

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